Useful Links

Here are a bunch links that you might find useful when working in Integration Projects with BizTalk Server, WCF, Azure and Visual Studio. This is not meant to be a definitive list, nor is it meant to be a collection of reviews. They are presented in no particular order.  

Name Description Link
BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki
This page contains links to all the BizTalk Server resources that are available on the TechNet Wiki.
TechNet Gallery - BizTalk
Find resources for BizTalk written in VB Script, PowerShell, SQL, JavaScript or other script languages. Choose Category on left side: Servers - Biztalk
SQL Server Maintenance Solution
The SQL Server Maintenance Solution comprises scripts for running backups, integrity checks, and index and statistics maintenance on all editions of Microsoft SQL Server
BizTalk Server 2010 Developer Training Kit
This training kit contains a complete set of materials that will enable you to learn the core developer capabilities in BizTalk Server2010. (Still valid for later BizTalk Server versions)
WCF Development Guide
The Microsoft development guide gives quick exposure to the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) programming experience
Groups and Users in BizTalk Server
Information about BizTalk Server local and domain group and user accounts.
Installation Overview for BizTalk Server
This document describes the process for installing and configuring BizTalk Server 2013 R2 and BizTalk Server 2013 on a single computer.
Microsoft BizTalk Server
Performance Optimization Guide
This guide provides in-depth information for optimizing the performance of a BizTalk Server solution. Provided for BizTalk 2010 but still valid for actual versions.
BizTalk Server: List of Macros
Microsoft BizTalk Server provides a predefined set of macros that can help you to automate common tasks
Custom Date and Time
The table describes the custom date and time format specifiers and displays a result string produced by each format specifier
Custom Numeric Format
The table describes the custom numeric format specifiers and displays sample output produced by each format specifier
Community Site focused on Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Azure, AppFabric and Windows Workflow Foundation
Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack
Sandro Pereiras' Visio stencils pack that will help you visually represent integration architectures (On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid scenarios). He's an absolute BizTalk god, check his blog!
Troubleshooting MSDTC issues with the DTCPing tool
If you encounter error messages while using Distributed Transactions from your application, feel free to use the DTCPING tool to find out where the problem lies