Install the inSyca Global Components

29 January 2017


This article describes how to install the inSyca Global Components.

Note Since the Suite installs assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) you must be an administrator on the local computer. In some environments, it's not allowed to install programs from network shares, you must copy the package to a local drive before installing.



BizTalk Server 2013 R2 or BizTalk Server 2016 (Choose appropriate package) 



  1. Download and run the package for your environment
    (BT 2013 = BizTalk 2013 R2 / BT 2016 = BizTalk 2016)
  2. Accept the security warning
  3. Welcome Screen
  4. Release Notes
  5. Choose destination folder
  6. Confirm
  7. Enable "Start deploying to BizTalk…"
    To use the schemas and components for your BizTalk applications you must deploy the artefacts in the package. All artefacts will be installed in a new application called "". If you are using a branch or standard edition of BizTalk and you are already running the maximum of applications, the deployment will fail. In that case, you must uninstall an application and reinstall the application after deployment of the artefacts.
  8. A console window will be started…
  9. If you are using a single BizTalk environment, leave the Checkbox checked to deploy the artefacts to your BizTalk Database. If you are using an environment with more than one BizTalk Server, uncheck the Checkbox for all BizTalk Servers except the last one.
  10. Lean back, get a coffee or enjoy the show (This is the magic where the BizTalk Deployment Framework automates all tasks mandatory for the deployment)
  11. Finished
  12. Switch to BizTalk Administration Console, there should be some schemas, orchestrations and sendports etc.
  13. If you are low on possible applications, you can move the artifacts you need to another application
  14. Since all artefacts in an assembly will be moved together, all artefacts that come along with the chosen one will be moved

Check other How-Tos to find information about using the components