Install the inSyca Suite

28 January 2017


This article describes how to install the inSyca Suite.

Note Since the Suite installs assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) you must be an administrator on the local computer. In some environments, it's not allowed to install programs from network shares, you must copy the package to a local drive before installing.


For setup in a non-development environment:

  • .NET Framework equal or greater Version 4.0

Additional requirements for development purpose:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Version 2013 equal or greater Professional Edition or
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Version 2015 equal or greater Professional Edition
  • WIX Toolset
  • BizTalk Deployment Framework 6.0
  • Sandcastle Help File Builder



  1. Download and run the package for your environment
    (VS 2015 = Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 / VS 2013 = Microsoft Visual Studio 2013)
  2. Accept the security warning
  3. Welcome screen
  4. Release Notes
  5. Choose destination folder
  6. Confirm
  7. Finished, inSyca Suite is ready to use

Check other How-Tos to find information about using the components