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inSyca Suite

is my personal toolbox for integration projects.

Since in most cases I do the projects at customers site, I needed a quick setup for starting development of integration processes.
So in this package I assembled all informations, sources, components etc. to use them without deploying everything separately.

Feel free to use or modify anything provided for educational, private and commercial use.

I'm open to requests, criticism and feedback, but don't expect an answer immediatly. Post in the forum and I try to respond as soon as possible.

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Free to use, but...

there is also a lot of content from other authors.

I used and/or modified other Open Source code and components, so there is no warranty if other authors change their work and parts of the inSyca Suite stop working.

The inSyca Suite is released under the
Microsoft Reciprocal License (MS-RL).

If you need to rely on components for your production environment and you are not familiar with programming C# use the inSyca Suite only for educational purpose


GitHub Project

I'm constantly working on the toolbox, so visit the GitHub project for deeper insight in the source code

The sources lacks documentation yet but if you are familiar with C# you will have no problem to identify the parts you want to inspect or modify.


Sunato BizTalk Academy

In my workshops I give detailed insight to many parts in the inSyca Suite and whenever time permits I will write a blog entry to give you more information about using particular components. So, stay patient or request a date for a workshop

Sunato BizTalk Academy

Happy coding with the

inSyca Suite